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Practical Tips on How to Make Smoothies with Yogurt

Posted by Elise Marie Blog on Senin, 18 Juli 2016

Practical Tips on How to Make Smoothies with Yogurt

Smoothies do not only taste amazing, but these offer a wholesome and healthy way to start your day. If you are on a rush with so many things to do for the day, you can simply whip up a nice concoction of nutritious drink in your blender and prepare a delicious glass of smoothie for yourself. In just a matter of seconds, you can savor the sweet and fruity goodness of smoothie without worrying about the amount of time you spend on making this fantastic breakfast or snack.

What�s more, you have a wide range of options when it comes to preparing smoothies. By mixing in some yogurt, for instance, the texture of your drink turns thicker and the taste becomes fuller. So, if you are looking for ways on how to make smoothies with yogurt, consider the following tips and tricks that will result to a satisfying and perfectly-made nutritious beverage.

Mango and Yogurt Smoothie
If you enjoy the taste of mangoes, then why not create a fantastic drink that includes this sweet tropical fruit? A mango and yogurt smoothie is easy to make, and you can savor the amazing goodness of a combination of these ingredients in one glass. What�s more, you can create a burst of other flavors by adding in some other types of fruit that go perfectly well with mango including bananas and some young coconut meat.

Check out this quick and simple mango and yogurt smoothie that will leave you � and your family � begging for seconds:
  1. Peel the mango, spoon the meat out, and toss the pieces into your blender.
  2. Chop some bananas and get some young coconut meat, and put these into the blender, as well.
  3. Add about 3 to 5 tablespoons of non-fat yogurt to the mixture.
  4. If you want the smoothie to be less thick (but not soupy in consistency), pour about 8 ounces of young coconut water to your mixture. You may want to add a few more, depending on your preferred thickness for the beverage.
  5. Blend the ingredients well until you have achieved the desired consistency and creaminess for your smoothie.
  6. Transfer the contents into a tall glass and enjoy!

Berry Smoothie with Yogurt
Berries are high in nutrients including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids. These highly nutritive fruits are also loaded with flavor, which make them an excellent addition to your smoothie. Combine these with yogurt, and you can create a fantastic beverage that is truly irresistible.

This particular recipe includes a selection of fruits that go well with berries � bananas, mangoes and dragonfruit. You can also add cinnamon powder to level up the taste while boosting the health benefits that this drink offers.

Here is a simple berry and yogurt smoothie recipe that you may want to try and prepare for a nice, quick breakfast or mid-day snack.
  1. Prepare your ingredients in a bowl. In this recipe, you will need some strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, mangoes, bananas and a dragonfruit.
  2. Be sure to chop the fruits into smaller pieces, so it will be much easier blending these well to create the right texture you want for your drink.
  3. As for the berries, however, you can simply toss these into the blender since these are already small enough to be blended well.
  4. To further enhance the flavor and consistency of your smoothie, you may add a few tablespoonfuls of yogurt. Then, pour some young coconut water, depending on the thickness you like for your smoothie.
  5. Put some cinnamon powder and sprinkle vanilla powder to create a burst of flavor and aroma to your smoothie.
  6. Blend the mixture well for a few seconds until all the ingredients are combined just the way you like it. Then, transfer the mixture to a glass, and enjoy your homemade berry smoothie.

Important Tips to Remember
In case you have some leftover smoothies, the best thing to do is to refrigerate it instead of placing it in the freezer. The idea is to keep the leftover fresh and ready to drink for later, but never turned into a huge block of ice. Once you are ready to drink it, simply pop the chilled smoothie into your blender, mix well, and pour into a glass. It is also better if you do not store smoothie for more than 24 hours if you decide to save it for later.

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