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The Lord of Dating

Posted by Elise Marie Blog on Jumat, 15 Mei 2015

The Lord of Dating
Imagine that you could easily chat with dozen of gay men living near you ? Imagine that you could find dates in a matter of minutes, just using your smartphone? Well, now you can! This revolution is called GAY APPS. You can chat where you want, when you want. Guys are waiting for you to chat with them… and date them!

My name is Pat and I’m here today to talk about gay dating. And more precisely gay dating using phone apps. You may have heard about these “Gay Apps“, like Grindr or Jack’d.

Gay Apps are a real breakthrough for gay dating! They are very accessible: all you need is to install an app on your smartphone. They are free. They give you access to a huge network of several millions users across the world! For all these reasons, they’ve become extremely popular. Gay Apps are indeed the new way to find dates. But there is a little problem… Gay Apps are not that easy to use. Here are some things often said:

Don’t worry, my experience with Gay Apps started like that too! But with time, I’ve learned a lot and discovered that some approaches work better than others. In fact, I’ve developed a powerful strategy to seek and find dates using Gay Apps. To the point that today I can constantly meet new people thanks to Gay Apps. And sometimes, I just can’t possibly reply to everyone messaging me. Gay Apps are just awesome!

And this can become your experience too! Gay Apps do not exist only for a certain category of guys. They are for everyone...Read More Detail

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