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Holly pike will teach you how todigitize like a prousing generations software!

Posted by Elise Marie Blog on Jumat, 06 Desember 2013

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There are a lot of people who teach digitizing that don't understand digitizing or don't understand teaching. Sometimes... both! You won't have either problem when you learn to digitize with Holly!

Since starting her own digitizing business and website in 2001, Holly has digitized well over 20,000 embroidery designs! Would you rather learn digitizing from someone who has digitized a few designs so they could learn the software before they teach the class, or someone who has digitized over twenty thousand designs in order to make a living as a digitizer for over 10 years? 

You can see some of Holly's digitizing on her embroidery club website at ArtisticThreadWorks.com and on her design store website at HollysDesignStudio.com to to get an idea of the variety and quality of Holly's digitizing and that of her students now too!

Holly's formal education and work background is in teaching. She studied music education at Northeastern Illinois University. After school, she taught music and band in Chicago area schools. She transitioned from teaching kids to running a music company where along with other work she taught teachers how to teach more effectively for several years. Later, Holly took a job testing, designing and teaching software for a "Fortune 100" company in Buffalo Grove Illinois.

In these jobs, Holly has taught everyone from 5th graders to corporate management teams, from warehouse guys to corporate executive, and everything in between. The nicest thing about teaching (besides June, July, and August) is that the skills for teaching one subject are transferable to teaching other subjects. Shortly after learning to digitize, Holly began teaching our first employee to digitize. Since then...

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